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highRES is not affiliated with Valve Corporation, Steam or another company/platform.
All images grids,assets is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 and website licensed under MIT License. This means you have the right to apply any of these grids to your Steam library. When it comes to making changes, use of editing software and sharing you just need to give a proper credit to its designer.


You can use this websites upload function for sharing and archiving your grids and assets. All grids and assets will be manually checked and validated by moderation team before they are released, and this takes time est. 12h or more.


This websites content is important for us, we backup all content to 3 seperate offline storages for you and the future.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or requests please contact me on Discord theEMA#8983 or send an email to me.


Thanks to theEMA, Moofy and Map Labs Team for their contributions.

ALPHA 2.1.4-2103a

Changed the looks of help/changelog page 28.03.21
Collection header style changed 26.03.21
100 Grids Milestone notification removed 26.03.21
Removed some unnecessary variables from variable.js 25.03.21

FINAL 1.2.8-2011f

Grid info widget shadow changes 22.12.20
Added widgets that shows resolution and download button of grids 21.12.20
Removed "zoom-in" cursor from grid thumbnails 21.12.20
Changed some code in variables.js 20.12.20
Created Map Labs Collection22.11.20
Changed old license to MIT Licence 08.11.20
Changelog color scheme styling changed 07.11.20
Gradient added to footer 07.11.20

FINAL 1.0.7-2009f

Created collections framework
Mobile nav integration
Flexbox optimized
Navigation styling change
New navigation styling
Created grids, assets, collections and upload pages
New logo added to navigation

FINAL 2.0.8-2101f

Added 100 Grids Milestone notification to navigation 28.01.21
404 and 503 error pages tested 23.01.21
404 error page created 22.01.21
Collection description sections reworked 28.12.20
Fixed collection patterns 27.12.20
Changed some backgrounds in main page and styling on help page 25.12.20
Created a search engine for grids and collections 25.12.20
Changed custom versioning with semi-semantic versioning 24.12.20

FINAL 1.1.9-2010f

Help page created
Renamed changelog page's name to help page
Attached help page to navigation
Styling changes
Created Lego Collection
Added support for horizontal grids
Fixed a bug causing strange zoom behavior
Created Software Collection
Added image viewer with zoom function

FINAL 0.1.6-2009f

Changelog and gridCountvar fixed
Generated and added all thumbnails format to .webp
LazyLoad javascript changed
404 error fixed
Changelog page and footer version control added
New variables added